The Booktopia Journey

Books for every kid.
Delivered every month.


Pick a plan that's
right for you

A couple of clicks open up a world of books. Choose one of our Booktopia subscriptions, which arrive every month for either 3, 6, 12 or 24 months


Nominate a kid

Name the recipient of the Beano Booktopia Subscription. It can be your kid, grandchild, niece, nephew, or even the kid next door.

We’ll send them a welcome pack, containing detailed information on how to activate their Beano Booktopia subscription. You can send the welcome pack directly to your chosen kid, or else send it to yourself so you can gift it on a special occasion.


They take our quiz

The subscription doesn't start until your Beano Booktopia kid takes our discovery quiz.

What do they love? Bugs and insects? Facts or fiction? Adventure or mystery?

Upon activation, we ask them a series of simple questions to find out exactly what fires their imagination and understand their current reading ability.


Let the adventure begin!

Our Beano masterminds will hand-pick a book a month to match their passions and reading ability.

Whether they’re wild about books or need a little encouragement to turn the pages, we make sure they get their hands on exciting new books they wouldn’t want to put down.

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Q: What ages and reading abilities does Booktopia cater for?

A: Booktopia is designed to get 6-12 year old kids reading. Booktopia is suitable for kids who are just learning to read; for kids who can read by themselves but don’t read a lot; kids who read but don’t read books with many chapters yet; as well as kids who are avid readers and read often.

Q: What books will they get?

A: Different kids get different books – depending on their tastes, preferences and reading ability. Our selection of books changes every month. We focus on new books, so don’t expect a Harry Potter in the post! We can’t promise, but aim to ensure that kids are highly unlikely to receive a book they’ve read before.

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