The Beano Secret

Getting kids reading for over 80 years

Beano has been making kids giggle for over 80 years; and we’ve secretly been helping them on the first crucial step of their reading journey.


of kids have had their imaginations boosted by our winning formula of humour, iconic characters and visual storytelling


of parents tell us: “Beano is the only thing my kids will read”


British creative icons credit the Beano with getting them to read, write, draw and even stand up on stage!

Multiple studies have shown that reading for enjoyment is one of the most effective ways of helping children reach their potential; and Beano Booktopia offers kids the chance to immerse themselves independently in exciting, imaginative and engaging stories to launch a lifetime love of reading.

The lifelong benefits of reading

Some facts and figures from our friends at the Summer Reading Challenge

Studies have found that those who read for pleasure have greater levels of self esteem and empathy, and are better able to cope with difficult situations.
Children who read books more than once a week grow up to gain higher results in maths, vocabulary and spelling tests than those who read less.
A love of reading can help children's wellbeing later in life with 19% of adults claiming reading stops them feeling lonely.

And from our friends at the National Literacy Trust

Children who have books of their own are 15 times more likely to read above the level expected of their age than those who do not.

Compared with children who own books, children who don’t do less well in reading tests, enjoy reading less, and have less positive attitudes and lower confidence in themselves as readers.

Reading for enjoyment is one of the most effective ways of helping children reach their full potential and they are more likely to attain a professional or managerial position in life.

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