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I like collecting facts about football and about how things work, I don’t like pretend things. Booktopia sent me some really cool books!
Dylan, age 7 Booktopian, loves fact books
I’m not really into reading, but I love stories…! I didn’t know there were books that are so exciting!
Etta, age 10 Booktopian, loves adventure books
I can’t wait for my Beano comic to arrive every week. So if the Beano is picking books for me too, that’s great!
Patrick, age 8 Booktopian, loves graphic novels
When I have a good book,I take it with me everywhere.I just can’t wait to read the next bit!
Hana, age 11 Booktopian, loves books about brave girls
I’m reading books more now than ever. My favourites are about adventures that children have.
Holly, age 9 Booktopian, loves fantasy books
I sometimes find reading a bit hard work. But when I have a funny book, it’s much easier.
Rosa, age 12 Booktopian, loves funny books
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